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AEAzores – Azorean Emigrants Association is an independent entity, founded on October 28, 2010, with headquarters at the premises of the Museum of Azorean Emigration, in the city of Ribeira Grande, on the island of São Miguel, in the Autonomous Region of the Azores, in Portugal. Our partners are Azoreans, emigrants, returned emigrants or somehow related to emigration, especially the communities in the United States of America, Canada, Brazil and Bermuda. We want to be a bridge, a facilitator, between the Diaspora and the Motherland. We are Azoreans, with great pride. But we are also, with equal pride, citizens of the countries and territories to which we emigrated, which gives us a different sensibility than the one we had before we emigrated and, in some cases, after we returned.



With our experience and sensibility, we collaborate with the Azorean Government, municipalities, houses of the Azores, consulates, chambers of commerce and industry and many other entities, both in the Azores and in the Diaspora, to facilitate exchanges between Azoreans living in the Azores and those living in the Diaspora and their descendants. Always guided by the dignification of Emigration and Emigrants, we want to help those who want to invest or study on the other side of the bridge (be it here or there), or simply want to strengthen this Azores-Diaspora connection. In the Azores, we do everything we can to bring together returned Azorean emigrants, through socializing or in the search for solutions to bureaucratic issues. Besides contributing to the preservation of the memory of Azorean emigration, the AEAzores promotes and participates in initiatives that highlight and value the role of emigration.


The AEAzores pursues all activities which, directly or indirectly:
  • Develop, under the terms of the Law and the Statutes, cooperation and solidarity among its members, on the basis of the realization of initiatives regarding the Azorean Emigration issue, between them and public or private entities;
  • Defend and promote the rights and interests of emigrants;
  • Support and inform returned emigrants and those still residing in the host countries;
  • Promote and stimulate their own, recreational, cultural, social and humanitarian capacities;
  • Establish exchanges with similar foreign, regional and national associations and promote common actions of information or training.

  • Collaboration with CM Ribeira Grande in the construction of the Emigrant Square, inaugurated on July 26, 2020, whose central element is the public art piece Saudades da Terra, designed by artist and founding member of AEAzores Luís Silva;
  • Annual organization of the AEAzores Golf Cup;
  • Organization of the Seminar, at Nonagon, city of Lagoa, São Miguel, in February 2017;
  • Annual collaboration in the Thanksgiving/Thanks Giving lunch, in Ponta Delgada, an initiative of the Government of the Azores, through the Regional Directorate of Communities, in partnership with the Bristol County Sheriff’s Office;
  • Collaboration with Radio Voz do Emigrante, from Fall River (Mass., USA) and with journalist Maria de Lourdes, in a project to provide didactic support to some of São Miguel’s schools
  • Collaboration with the Migration Festival, in Sete Cidades, São Miguel, in June 2015;
  • Attendance at the inauguration and placement of stone plaque of AEAzores, as a supporter of the Shore to Shore Project, at Stanley Park, in Vancouver (BC, Canada), in honor of Portuguese Joe, in April 2015;
  • Participation in the International Symposium on Human Rights and Quality of Life in Portuguese Speaking Communities in the United States and Canada, in Massachusetts (USA), in 2011;
  • Participation in Metropolis 2011, in Ponta Delgada, São Miguel;
  • Participation in the World Council of Casas dos Açores, in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), in 2011;
  • Participation in the Cultural Week, in Toronto (Ontario, Canada), in 2011;
  • Participation in the II Meeting of Returning Emigrants (Terceira), in 2011;
  • Dissemination meetings in numerous parishes of the Azores, especially in São Miguel, but also with travel of leaders to the Central Group (Terceira, São Jorge, Graciosa, Faial and Pico) and Flores, coinciding with several local Emigrants’ Festivals.

    • Me and Mom in Azores – Canada
    • July 25 – Musical performance by Sara Cruz – Emigrant Square
    • July 25 – “Azores de Mil Ilhas” Awards Ceremony – Emigrant Square
    • July 25 – Memorial to the Emigrant Soldier – Emigrant Square
    • July 25 – AEAzores Golf Cup – Batalha Golf Course
    • June 10 – Day of Portugal, Camões and Communities – Emigrant Square
    • May 24 – Azores Day – Emigrant Square
    • May – Being a Mother in the Azores and in the Communities – Webinar
    • April 18 to 25 – Being a Romeiro in the Azores and in the Communities – Living Museum of Franciscanism
    • March 8 – Women in the Azores and in the communities – Teatro Ribeiragrandense
    • December 12 – Christmas Family Photo Challenge – Emigrant Square
    • September 11th – 24H Photo Challenge – Emigrant Square
    • July 26 – Inauguration of the Emigrant Square – Emigrant Square
    • March 6 – Women’s Day – Museum of Azorean Emigration
    • February 15 and 16 – Carnival March – Rabo de Peixe
    • December 18 – Launching of the book “Azores, a hunt for the American dream” – Museum of Azorean Emigration
    • November 29th – Santana Airport Exhibition – Agricultural Association
    • October 16 – AZORES ID – USA
    • September 1 to 15 – Exhibition “From one island to another” – Solmar Shopping Center
    • September 1 – Exhibition “The Paths of Women” – Parque Atlântico / Museum of Azorean Emigration

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    Report of Accounts 2021

    Report of Accounts 2020

    Report of Accounts 2019

    Report of Accounts 2018


    The social organs of the Azorean Emigrants Association have the following composition in the triennial 2021/2024:

    General Assembly
    President: Luís Silva
    Vice-president: João Luís Pacheco
    Secretary: José Carlos Teixeira

    President: Rui Faria
    Vice-president: Nélia Silva
    Secretary: Luís Óscar
    Vogal: Carlos Estrela

    Fiscal Council
    President: Helena Silva
    1st Member: Paula Lima
    2nd Member: Maria do Santo Cristo Correia


    The shearwater is a migratory bird found in large numbers in the Azores Archipelago. Just like the emigrants of our islands, this bird migrates to distant places, adapting its life to the new conditions presented and, like an emigrant family, returns every year to the same island and the same nest.

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