The Azores Government advances with diploma to create Azorean Diaspora Council

The Azores Government has submitted to the Regional Legislative Assembly a proposal for a Regional Legislative Decree that aims to create the Azorean Diaspora Council (CDA), regional secretary Rui Bettencourt announced.

The Deputy Regional Secretary of the Presidency for External Relations considered in the presentation of the proposal, in a press conference in Ponta Delgada, that this is the “moment to create political instruments for the diaspora to participate and get more involved in the Azorean project.”

The President of the Azores Government, Vasco Cordeiro, announced the creation of the CDA, an advisory body that will bring the communities of the region closer to the world in February 2019, as part of a trip to the United States, where there are estimated to be around 1.5 million Azoreans and descendants to reside.

Rui Bettencourt said that it is intended to “create conditions” for Azoreans residing abroad to participate in the different aspects of life in the Azores, and stated that the proposal for a diploma foresees the creation of a database for the registration of any citizen of the region in the world, and an election system is created that allows the election of representatives of the states where they reside from the islands.

In the specific case of the United States, the governor explained that five representatives will be elected, based on the most relevant states in terms of Azorean presences, five from Canada and the same number from Brazil, one from Bermuda and Uruguay, along with another from the continent , Madeira and the rest of the world, with a total of 19 elements.português

The holder of the Foreign Relations Ministry said that the CDA also includes the presence of representatives of institutions such as the houses of the Azores spread throughout the world, considering that this new tool generates a “awareness of what it is to be Azorean in the world and the unity of the people of the Azores. ”

According to the proposal of a diploma of the Azores Government, the CDA will be able to issue an opinion on legislation, programs or measures of the Regional Government related to emigration and the diaspora, as well as contribute to the definition of policies related to these areas through opinions, suggestions and proposals.

The organ will be chaired by the president of the Azores Government, Vasco Cordeiro.

Source: Açoriano Oriental, April 19, 2019

Published on 20 April, 2019