Yesterday, April 25th, we finished our most recent initiative BEING PILGRIM IN AÇORES AND COMMUNITIES, which allowed us to get to know the reality of being a pilgrim in the communities, namely in the East Coast of the USA and Canada, where it was possible to see and hear the life experience of Azorean men of faith who have carried with them this important tradition from São Miguel island, which is almost 500 years old.
This initiative was constituted through three webinars, moderated by our President, Rui Faria, between the 18th and 25th of April. The first one focused on the Pilgrims in Canada and Bermuda, and was attended by the Brother Romeiros José da Costa, António Costa, Silvério Fidalgo and Joe Benevides, and by the Brother and President of the Pilgrims Moviment of São Miguel, João Carlos Leite.
On April 21 there was a tribute to all the Romeiros in the communities, and especially to Master António Tabico, which served to remember and eternalize the important action of Tabico in the Portuguese communities in Canada, being he the driving force behind the creation of Lenten pilgrimages in this region. In this tribute were present the Regional Director of Communities, José Andrade, the Mayor of Ribeira Grande, Alexandre Gaudêncio, João Carlos Leite and also online, the son of the honoured, Tony Camara. Besides the beautiful words given by all the speakers, AEAzores offered a plaque in honour of all the Pilgrims in Communities, especially to Mestre Tabico, which will be placed in the Emigrant Square.
To close this cycle of webinars, we could not forget the Pilgrims in the U.S.A., where there are several groups on its East Coast. In this sense, were present Brothers José Pimentel, António Pacheco, José Soares, Daniel Palma, Luís Silva, Jorge Pacheco, Jeffrey Clementino and in the Azores, Rui Faria and João Carlos Leite.
The AEAzores would like to thank all those who participated and made this initiative possible, whose theme is very important to the Azorean people and their emigrants. We also thank the Azorean House of New England, and its president, Francisco Viveiros, for his invaluable help in establishing the online connection between the Brothers Romeiros of the USA, as well as the precious collaboration of João Luís Pacheco.
Published on 26 April, 2021