About Us

AEA – Associação de Emigrantes Açorianos was founded on 28 October 2010.

The AEA (Associação de Emigrantes Açorianos) is an independent body and has its headquarters at the Museum of Azorean Emigration in Ribeira Grande. Currently, its direction is composed of elements from various islands representing various sources of the diaspora.
The AEA (Associação de Emigrantes Açorianos) is an association made up of all the Azorean islands from the Azores, of all ages and all socio-cultural conditions that, at some point in their life, having left their islands for any reason (study , or other improvement of life) came willingly or outside his homeland.
h4>How many of us who are in these circumstances?
I do not know if there are statistics, I know is that the Azores came out, then went out and only recently started coming back to outsiders. And insiders having gone out and returned here.

Who are we?

Who are we? Retired persons, returnees, teachers, coaches, managers, politicians, and many many …
It will be a phenomenon to study. We would like to study. Sponsor a study.
Its members are therefore Azorean returned to the homeland, some to apply what they learned in the diaspora, capital and knowledge, others just to rest of the time worked in the diaspora, though forced by other circumstances of life.

What do we pretend?

We are not outsiders who come here, we are people here who left and came back, because we are inside (right here), who were out and returned here. This is the first difference between us and other associations, who ask the question why a lawful association of new immigrants? We are not a simplistic association, for example friends in Canada or abroad graduates, as I believe they exist, and we want to represent everyone, even those of all the islands in all situations and all backgrounds. Here’s another difference.

We will use our experience and collaborate with local authorities, related associations, houses of the Azores Regional Government agencies, consular chambers of commerce and industry, so to our sensibility, the Azores are, of course, very proud, but we are also not forgotten with no less pride, American, Canadian, French, Brazilian, which gives us a different sensibility from that we had before emigrating and we went back.

It is this sensitivity, forgive us the possible presumption, we come in handy to help us understand and make sense of our countrymen Azores: those who come to help us develop (Ukrainians, Cape Verdeans, etc. .. are immigrants and we know how integrate the cost and how good it is to be welcomed), who came forced by circumstances of life (one is painful to see them shed those who have not integrated, not knowing statistics may seem few) and those who want to invest here and there, those who want to come to study there from here go there or study there, to make the bridge, facilitating dialogue.

We promise to be the House of the Azores to work here with the houses of the Azores there.

We want to be a loyal partner of the consular officials and us. A meeting point between the emigrants returned to their land for it to go from land to invite you to join our association.

Will be grounds for the creation of a new association?

We think so, but, frankly, only time will tell.

AEA Associação de Emigrantes Açorianos, pretends to be a bridge, a facilitator between the diaspora and the homeland. Thus it will be a sort of House of the Azores in the Azores and with these, Houses of the Azores in the diaspora, to establish a privileged relationship.

Knowing what is being a migrant, want their members to support migrants and their associations in the Azores (eg AIPA), sensitizing our countrymen to the fact we are all immigrants / returnees.

Support to integrate the Azorean those forced to come here, in this respect, it is to be said that our Board also has these representatives.

We want to be an element in a meeting between all the Azorean returnees, in fellowship, and in finding solutions to bureaucratic issues. We will collaborate with the institutions of government of the Azores, as well as consular elements of the countries that welcomed us in the diaspora. We do not intend to replace those but just put in the service of our land, our sensitivity different from that never left here. We Azoreans, yes, but we are also, a little or a lot of land of adoption. And this gives us sensitivity, neither better nor worse, but different, we want to share with our mother earth.

The Shearwater, migratory bird, the symbol chosen by the founding members, to represent these Azorean emigrants / returnees. Shearwater, migratory bird that arrives here in March and parts to the south in September to return here again in March and part again in September, as the emigrants / returnees, who returned to the motherland, never fail to think of the land of adoption of mother-earth when they are in the land of adoption.