Vasco Cordeiro highlights the “strength” of the Azoreans who left for Santa Catarina 270 years ago

On April 21st, the President of the Regional Government of the Azores stated that it is an “overwhelming feeling” to think that it has been 270-years since the first Azorean emigration to Santa Catarina, which ” he says much from the strength and temperance “of the Azoreans who left for this Brazilian state. “This is something of a force and a dimension that, nowadays, with all the facilities of the modern world, we perhaps do not perceive at first, but it is something very powerful and that means a lot of character and temper of those who arrived there and who are our ancestors, “stressed Vasco Cordeiro. The President of the Government spoke on Thursday at a meeting with the Azorean community of Santa Catarina, at the end of the second day of the official visit at the invitation of the State Governor, Eduardo Pinho Moreira, which included the inauguration of exterior panel of tiles allusive to the 270 years of the Azorean presence in Santa Catarina. “Words are not enough to give you an account of what I feel at the end of this visit to Santa Catarina,” said Vasco Cordeiro, referring to a phrase that translates to what he saw in Santa Catarina: “We can take an Azorean from the Azores, but we never take the Azores out of a man’s heart. ” At this meeting, the last point of the visit to Santa Catarina, the President of the Government also said that, from this official visit, “there is another meaning for the expression ‘Azoreans of heart’, who are not born in the Azores and live in the Azores and, in some cases, have never visited the Azores, but feel the Azorianity in a very intense way. The Azoreans of Santa Catarina “. On Thursday, in addition to the meeting with the Azorean community, the President of the Government visited the Brotherhood of the Divine Holy Spirit of Santa Catarina, the Ecomuseum of Ribeirão da Ilha and the Núcleo de Estudos Açorianos, founded in 1984 and which is based at the Federal University of Santa Catarina. The official trip will also include the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, where the President of the Government will hold meetings with the Azorean communities in these cities and will preside over the launch of the book ‘Uma Página sobre Vitorino Nemésio’, which will take place in the Casa dos Açores do Rio de Janeiro.

Source: Diário Açores dos Açores, Sábado, 21 de Abril de 2018

Published on 23 April, 2018