Vasco Cordeiro highlights reduction of the seasonality of tourism in the Azores

The President of the Government  yesterday, in Graciosa island, told about the reduction of the seasonality of the tourism that has been verified in the Azores.”This is a result that is being achieved as we have been on a global footing in order to grow the high season, bringing us closer to values in terms of seasonality of the rest of the country,” said Vasco Cordeiro . He said that there has been a widening of the so-called high season of tourism, with the consequent reduction of the seasonality of the sector.


“This is particularly relevant because, for our businessmen, it is important not to have seasons during the year when this seasonality rate is very pronounced” and a “good balance between tourism as a factor of creation development, wealth and employment, and the preservation of what is ours – our natural heritage. ”

Source: Correio dos Açores, February 28, 2019

Published on 28 February, 2019