Undocumented Azorean emigrants in Canada continue to receive letters of deportation

There are a number of undocumented emigrants in Canada, including Azoreans, who are receiving letters to return to their country of origin, despite pressure from various political and social forces for the Trudeau government to change the law. Manuel Alexandre, Chairman of the Committee of Undocumented Workers of Toronto, told Milénio Stadium, a daily newspaper of the Azores newspaper, that a letter to the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, was sent in recent days, exposing again the situation of many emigrants in those conditions. “It saddens me when someone calls me for help after receiving the deportation letter. The last couple had resided in this country for 5 years and, within a month and anything, had to sell the house, the cars, and end work contracts they had with several clients. Ideal couple to develop this country and give employment to others. Circumstances of these affect any person, which sometimes makes us irritate and speak evil of government. They often tell me, “let those who exploit the social system enter, and those who contribute, are deported,” says Manuel Alexandre, promising that he will continue to struggle to pressure the Canadian government to change its position. “We must do everything possible so that this country continues to be the brio of this world. The aim of our group is to put pressure on the current government so that our PM shares the compassion it has for the ISIS (terrorist group of extremist and terrorist group) fighters, to receive them back, and to give priority to those which contribute to the social system of this nation, without any benefits. This is an important point to mention, because benevolence can in this way be divided, for the benefit of all, “adds Manuel Alexandre. (…)
“As you know, to obtain permanent resident status it is necessary to be able to speak and write English at the fifth year level. This becomes very difficult for many of us who are not of Anglophone or French-speaking origin. After many discussions with several immigration ministers, we find that the application of the English language is not the direct way to succeed in this country. Success comes through diligence, hard work and the will to assert oneself in life, without having to resort to social assistance systems. These were several points of discussion presented to the ministers. On the other hand, we all agree that if we have knowledge of the English language, everything becomes a bit easier, because we do not become so dependent on other people. But, as I mentioned earlier, this is not the direct way to succeed in this country, because the welfare system has many individuals who were born and raised in this country and who speak English very well. Finally, we are having the support of the media. In this way, the time has come for all of us to be an active voice in favor of those who cannot speak, “explains Manuel Alexandre, concluding that” giving up is not in our dictionary, as our national anthem says: Against the cannons march, march! ”
Source: Diário dos Açores Abril 13th 2018. www.diariodosacores.pt

Published on 13 April, 2018