The Azorean, Márcia Sousa leaves the duties of Vice-Consul in Providence

(PROVIDENCE, USA) – The reception in honor of Márcia Sousa, who resigned as Vice-Consul of Portugal in Providence, was most successful. More than 400 people surprised the honoree, gathered last Friday in the hall of the Lusitana Youth Club in Cumberland. (…)

Speeches of homage “The presence of the consular entities of this region, of the representatives of the associative power, of a never ending friendship, to honor Márcia Sousa is something memorable that will become part of the long history of the community. All together we will thank this woman, this professional to this extraordinary lady with whom many of us have had opportunity to handle very closely and thousands at the consulate level and all with a common data. Sympathy and professionalism “. These were words of Brian at Medeiros, who alone taught a lesson to more than 400 people, conducting the ceremonial in Portuguese. Henrique Craveiro, president of the Lusitana Youth Club, said: “The Lusitana Youth Club feels great and special pride in having been part of the committee that organized this dinner honoring Márcia Sousa. Greater is our intentions, much greater, knowing that in the world there are not as wonderful people, so kind, so loving and as friendly as it has been Márcia Sousa. This lady is a partner, my friend. In the name of the presidents of the general assembly Albano Saraiva, fiscal council, José Silva of all the directors and members, a big hug of friendship, in the certainty that her work will never be forgotten “. But if the state of Rhode Island manifested itself before the professionalism and competence of Márcia Sousa, this way of being and proceeding, contaminated neighboring states and even Washington. (…)
From Rabo de Peixe to the USA Jose Velez Caroço, Portuguese Consul General in Boston, made the portrait of Márcia Sousa: “Márcia Sousa was born in the village of Rabo de Peixe, São Miguel. she holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of the Azores and has worked in this area in São Miguel. At age 33 she came to the United States, where she has been staying with her husband, Daniel da Ponte, senator and their two children, Antonio and Sofia since 2008. For seven years she served in the consulate of Portugal in Providence, RI, having served as vice-consul for the last four years, a position she had distinguished herself. Márcia Sousa’s professionalism and unlimited dedication conquered the community. Its contagious dynamism, the unpretentious yet profoundly effective way of communicating with everyone and the role it has played in promoting our community at multiple levels are hallmarks of your personality and the work you have developed, and of which we will certainly miss you. Fortunately Márcia Sousa says she is available to continue to support our community. We want to thank you deeply for all you have done and to wish you the greatest success in all that you continue to do from now on. Here is our heartfelt homage to this woman of strength. ” Exclusive Portuguese Times / Diário dos Açores.
Source: Diário Açores, Terça-feira, Abril 24th, de 2018 |

Published on 24 April, 2018