Substance discovered in Azores tea that combats various diseases

“After collecting [from teas from all over the world] I came to the conclusion that Azorean tea can be superior to others in polyphenol content,” said researcher José Batista, a Ph.D. in analytical biochemistry, who has been connected to several Portuguese and Canadian universities.

Polyphenols are chemical substances that are present in plants and fruits, indicating recent scientific studies that are very beneficial to humans and therefore should be included in food.

According to the scientific community, foods that are rich in polyphenols have several important actions in the body, being antioxidants, still helping to give more energy.

José Batista, who is developing studies to determine in which phase of the Azorean tea plant there is a substance that will increase cognitive functions, says that this is “less bitter” than the rest, which led him to suspect that he possesses an amino acid that only exists in the Azores.


The scientist, in addition to concluding that the Azores tea is “richer”, now wants to create conditions to explore this potential of green tea, noting that the amino acid, half an hour after ingested, reaches the brain and will stimulate neurotransmitters like acicolina, that fights the Alzeimer and Parkison’s Disease, for example.

He also explained that the amino acid identified in Azorean tea has an “opposite effect” to exciting ones such as caffeine, appearing as a natural relaxant without side effects like drowsiness, as in benzodiazepines (Xanax).

Source: Lusa

Published on 9 March, 2019