Portuguese teachers in Canada have created an association to support the teaching of the Portuguese language

Portuguese teachers in Canada have set up an association that aims to support teachers in “developing and researching the Portuguese language,”
The association “aims to support Portuguese programs, the development and professional training of teachers and research into the teaching and learning of Portuguese and Portuguese-speaking cultures,” said Anabela Rato, president of the Canadian Association of Portuguese Teachers).
CATPor was conceived with the main objective of “promoting productive dialogues between the different members of the association”, covering not only teachers from the Early Learning Program to Grade 12, but also teachers from higher education institutions and community schools.
In Canada, there are about 130 Portuguese teachers at all levels of education. The association was born of “a spirit of exchange of salutary synergies between different education professionals”. “In this case, the association was born of a challenge that was launched by the Portuguese Teaching Coordinator in Canada, Ana Paula Ribeiro: to unite, in an association, all teachers who are teaching Portuguese in Canada. And, recognizing the importance it would have, I quickly embraced it, with the greatest taste, “added the teacher.
CATPor intends to promote “productive dialogues between the different members of the association”, because only in this way can “their goals be achieved”, said the official. “A dialogue that will lead, therefore, to the real creation of exchanges of knowledge, experiences and even materials for the teaching of Portuguese,” he said. (…)
The association will be officially presented at the ‘Teaching Portuguese in Canada’ symposium, to be held on April 28. In addition to scheduled training sessions, interventions of the Coordination of Teaching and the elements of its direction, will be attended by delegate teachers, representing the various schools and universities of the different provinces of the country.
Portuguese is increasingly taught in Canada as a second or foreign language, affirming itself as an important language of international communication.
Source: Açores9 / https://jornalacores9.pt/professores-de-portugues-no-canada-criam-associacao-para-apoiar-o-ensino-da-lingua-portuguesa/

Published on 18 April, 2018