Portuguese Course for foreigners with 22 trainees on Pico Island

 In order to promote the full integration of immigrants residing in Pico, providing them with an important tool for their personal and professional valuation, the Madalena local authority carried out training certified by the Regional Education Secretariat, whose final approval allowed foreigners to comply with legal requirements for the acquisition of Portuguese nationality and the granting of a residence visa. With these courses, the Municipality intends to give all foreign citizens the opportunity to learn Portuguese, get to know Portugal better and its culture, reaching audiences who would otherwise be unable to do so. The Mayor of Madalena delivered the Diplomas of completion of the Portuguese Language Course for Foreigners to 22 immigrants residing on Pico island.

The training, given by Gilberta Pereira, lasted 150 hours, including two classes, one in a post-employment work regime, in order to give participants greater flexibility according to their personal / professional needs.

Source: “Correio dos Açores”, march 6, 2019

Published on 6 March, 2019