Many Azorean and descendant candidates with election guaranteed due to lack of opponents

By Osvaldo Cabral in Boston

During these days, the Azoreans who live here were in a strong circle, in a strong campaign, to elect candidates from the portuguese community, among them many Azoreans and descendants of families from our Region.

Many portuguese names on the lists. Almost all of the Lusodecendents who are already part of the House of Representatives in this state have no opponents, so reelection is virtually guaranteed, as is the case of Democrats Alan Silvia of Fall River (7th District), Dylan Fernandes of Falmouth (Barnstable , Dukes and Nantucket), all Democrat, and Republican David Vieira of Falmouth (3rd District). The well-known state deputy, from the island of Pico, António Cabral, is one of the few that has an opponent: the independent Michael Janson.

In the other state next to it, Rhode Island, the smallest in the United States, where a good many thousands of Azoreans live (it is estimated that more than 100 thousand), also compete many portuguese names and even Americans who say “perfectly identified with the Portuguese community “.

Diário dos Açores Newspaper, November 7th, 2018, p.3

Published on 8 November, 2018