International Academics discuss ‘Integration and Diversity’ in the Azores

The Government of the Azores announced that, through the Regional Directorate for Communities, it will hold the international seminar ‘Integration and Diversity’ held in Ponta Delgada on 8 March at the meeting of the Metropolis International Steering Committee and aims at creating a space for reflection and dialogue on issues related to integration, interculturality and diversity in the area of migration.

The program consists of four thematic sessions and includes lectures by academics from the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Massey University in New Zealand, the National University of Malaysia, the University of British Columbia in Canada, the University of Warsaw, in Poland, the University of Lisbon and the University of the Azores, as well as representatives from the Government of the Azores, IOM – International Organization for Migration and the High Commissioner for Migration, as well as representatives from various associations in the Azores and the USA who work with migrations.

The seminar, open to all interested parties, will take place at the Teatro Micaelense, between 9:00 am and 5:00 p.m., and the inscriptions must be made through the email

The Azores also host this year the meeting of the Metropolis International Steering Committee, which will take place in the city of Lagoa on March 9, following the application made by the Regional Government with this organization, and the Region has been chosen for the work it develops in the area of migrations and the Azorean diaspora.

This Committee, which meets twice a year, is the main decision-making body of Metropolis, an international network for research and development of public policies in the area of migration, diversity and integration, with its headquarters in Ottawa, Canada.

Metropolis is comprised of a network of 65 organizations from 23 countries, including universities, think tanks, governments, associations and international organizations.

The organization of the Metropolis International Steering Committee by the Government of the Azores is of great relevance to the Region in that it will allow a wide space for interaction and discussion on the themes of diversity and regional, national and international levels.


Source: Correio dos Açores, March 1, 2019


Published on 2 March, 2019