Hamilton Bishop presides feasts at Agua de Pau

The feast which runs until 17 August and will be presided by Mr Wieslaw M. Spiewak, Bishop of the Diocese of Hamilton, Bermuda, integrates several initiatives. The feast in honor of the Lady of the Angels is a summer party that brings together thousands of people in that village of the south coast of São Miguel, strongly marked by emigration. At this time of year, the Village colored to honor his patron saint. During the solemn procession the image of the Lady of the Angels together with more 13 lounges decorated by the families of the community, crosses the main streets of the parish and will receive offered in cash, tossed in rings, decorated with flowers, which are tucked into the arm of the image that is erected vertically. Besides this gesture, it is also common practice to decorate windows and streets with natural flowers.

Published on 13 August, 2018