Distinctions 2018 – Businessman Luso-descendant Michael Benevides – Portugalia Marketplace

By António Pedro Costa

Throughout this year of 2018, the Correio dos Açores weekly published a section called “Conversations on Sunday”, in which it highlighted a figure of our society, in order to try to emphasize some important areas of our daily life, culture, sports, leisure and economy, showing many successes of Azoreans, personalities residing in these islands or living in any of the World matches.

Michael Benevides, who was born in São Miguel and emigrated with his parents at age 2, to Fall River and today has transformed his father’s wholesale business, Fernandes Benevides, into an internationally renowned gourmet supermarket, the glamorous Portugalia Marketplace in the commercial landscape of the United States.

The brand and the history of the company that his father created and that he was very fond of shows the exemplary way in which the testimony of a generation of Azorean emigrants to the generation of Portuguese Luso-descendants of great success that ascend in a great way to the levels of great magnates of American society.

Correio dos Açores, December 30th, 2018, p.22

Published on 30 December, 2018