Celebration of the Azores Day at the Casa dos Açores da Nova Inglaterra

Day of the Azores was celebrated by CANI The House of the Azores of New England, based in Fall River. The program began with the intonation of the hymns of the USA, Portugal and the Autonomous Region of the Azores, followed by an intervention by Francisco Viveiros, president of CANI, followed by an exhibition of the audiovisual documentary “History of the Azores”. A trio from the Bruma Islands music group performed some songs from the popular Azorean songbook, followed by a cocktail that was served to all those present. The young lusodescendente Nicole Arruda exhibited a collection of photographs about the Azores in a different perspective and showing other characteristics of the landscape and the life of the Azoreans.

Source: Diário Açores – 17 de Junho 2018. www.diariodosacores.pt

Published on 20 June, 2018