Azores Government promotes photography contest in the diaspora

The Regional Director of the Communities announced in the United States of America a photo contest in the diaspora, which aims to “register the Azorean presence in the world”.

“We intend with this initiative to contribute to a greater appreciation of our communities and dissemination of the Azorean heritage in various geographical spaces,” said Paulo Teves, stressing that “photography has the particularity of witnessing a detail or an experience and allowing sharing with the public “.

For the Regional Director, it is possible to promote “a better understanding of the contribution of the Azoreans, over the centuries, in the development of different societies and in the cultural enrichment that they have imprinted, and still print, in the communities where they are present.”

Paulo Teves emphasized that this project constitutes an “important tool for deepening knowledge” of the Azorean diaspora, not only in the Azores, but also within the communities around the world.

The Regional Director spoke Wednesday at the inauguration of the photographic exhibition ‘Azores: Nine Islands, Nine Photographers’, at the University of Massachusetts – Lowell, where he highlighted the importance of carrying out initiatives “that promote and disseminate the archipelago in regions where there are Azorean communities and in non-associative spaces, as is the case of the University “.


“This exhibition has a double objective: the invitation to those who have never visited the Azores and the return to the land of origin of our Azorean emigres,” he stressed.

Paulo Teves praised the work carried out by the Saab Center for Portuguese Studies in the promotion of the Azores with the Academy, pointing out, for example, the photography course promoted by the Department of Fine Arts of that institution, which this year includes a trip to the archipelago of 11 students and two professors, culminating in an exhibition in a public space at the University of Massachusetts – Lowell.

The exhibition ‘Azores: Nine Islands, Nine Photographers’ is composed of more than fifty photographs of the nine islands by nine photographers, namely. José António Rodrigues, Gonçalo Rosa da Silva and Luís Vasconcelos, and will be on display at Moloney Hall, University of Massachusetts – Lowell, until April 17.

This exhibition will take place during the celebrations of the 5th anniversary of the Portuguese Program and the Saab Center for Portuguese Studies, University of Massachusetts – Lowell.

Founded in 2013, with the support of Elisia Saab, an emigrant from Graciosa island, the Saab Center for Portuguese Studies supports the Portuguese Program of the University and develops several initiatives to promote and disseminate the Azorean presence in the State of Massachusetts. Frank Sousa, Azorean emigrant from the island of São Jorge.

In 2015, the Government of the Azores, through the Regional Directorate of Communities, offered to this University a library with more than 300 books and about 80 CDs and DVDs of Azorean themes and authors

Source: Government website of the Azores

Published on 10 March, 2019