Azorean pilgrimages in the USA

A shawl over his shoulders, a handkerchief around his neck, a tendril behind his back, a third, and a staff in his hand. It is the dress of the pilgrim. That penitent who walks the paths and paths of the island of São Miguel. They are grouped in ranches, which during one of the weeks of Lent do penance. They pray for them and for others. They visit all the churches where the image of the Virgin Mary is exposed. It is through the Mother that they want to reach the Son. This happens in real life. This group of believers and penitents was initially known for visits to the Little Houses of Our Lady and originated from earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Fall River, “the capital of the Azoreanity in the United States”, as Carlos César said as a guest of the Great Feasts of the Holy Spirit of New England, was the cradle of this tradition in the Church of the Holy Spirit. They can be groups of 30, 40 or even 300. The maximum is reached on Good Friday, when about 300 or more roam the old city of looms. They leave the church of Espírito Santo, with 114 years of existence. They stop at the 116-year-old church of São Miguel and already on the walk
of return they stop in the church of the Santo Santo Christ, with its beautiful 126 years. As can be seen, we are in the
centennial and historic presence to host the pilgrimage. The pilgrimages began at the church of the Holy Spirit in Fall River. They began to branch out to other communities. And so on 10 March the
Pilgrimage of New England.

SOURCE: Diário dos Açores. Article by Augusto Pessoa

Published on 12 March, 2018