Azorean emigrant invests 50 million in biotechnology in Porto

Prime Minister António Costa has visited Cisco and Google in California, where he is visiting, but has previously been with Amyris, an Azorean company that has already secured € 50 million in research investment in biotechnology, in partnership with the Catholic University in Portugal. In fact, Amyris, which operates in the area of life sciences, announced an investment of 50 million euros in a partnership with the School of Biotechnology of the Portuguese Catholic University in Porto and AICEP, an agency for the promotion of foreign trade. The project has, in the company’s words, a dual purpose: to explore ways of using waste resulting from fermentation for new products and applications and to develop the artificial intelligence platform.
Amyris belongs to a natural emigrant from Pico Island, John Melo, who has lived in the United States since 1973. Despite having made the educational and technical journey in the American continent, John Melo says he maintains a part of the heart in Portugal. Since 2012, it is linked to the Portuguese Diaspora Council, an advisory body of the Presidency of the Republic, which brings together various personalities from the diaspora. “The diaspora has helped me to contact a Portuguese university and to better understand the kind of research the university could do,” explained John Melo in an interview. The famous Azorean emigrant in California discovered “that the Catholic University had some of the best life sciences researchers in Europe and that would give us the opportunity to increase the level of research undertaken. So we focused on the research center in Portugal but could be available across Europe to help European companies gain access to more renewable products. ” John Melo always wanted to hire Portuguese scientists in Portugal and found contacts in the Diaspora with the right people. (…)

Source: Diário dos Açores, june 14th 2018

Published on 15 June, 2018