Azorean cultural legacy valued in Florianópolis, Brazil

28The Regional Director of Communities highlighted in Florianópolis, Brazil, the importance of the Azorean cultural legacy “in the formation and construction of the society of Santa Catarina and in the identity of its people”.
Paulo Teves, who spoke last Thursday at the signing ceremony of the municipal law nº 10.290 / 2017 that declared 2018 as ‘Year of the Azores in Florianópolis’, emphasized that initiatives like this “represent a source of pride for the archipelago of the Azores and consolidate relations between our peoples “.

“The declaration of 2018 as Municipal Year of the Azores in Florianópolis is the recognition of the contribution of the Azorean presence and its cultural legacy to the development of this city and the State of Santa Catarina,” stressed the Regional Director, adding that it is an “opportunity for strengthen our affectivity and explore new areas of relationship. ” (…)

“After more than two and a half centuries of presence, it is very visible the liveliness and dynamism of the Azorean identity in several municipalities of this State, and deserves our greater consideration and partnership,” he said.

Before visiting Santa Catarina, the Regional Director of the Communities was in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, where he met with the Direction of the House of the Azores and visited UNISINOS – Rio dos Sinos Valley University and the Carlos Bina State School.

In this school, in a meeting with more than eight dozen students, Paulo Teves highlighted the important work developed by the House of the Azores of Rio Grande do Sul State schools “in the preservation of Azorean culture among the younger” and, at the same time, “In the promotion of the Azores today, making known the valences and potentialities of the archipelago”.


Published on 28 October, 2017