Andrew Arruda is just 28 and is already in the Top 30 of Forbes

On Saturday, the Canadian Canadian Walk of Fame gave it a star. The organization aims to distinguish individuals with Portuguese DNA, who stood out in the development of the country, in several areas. Manuel DaCosta, a mentor and chairman of the Canadian Canadian Walk of Fame, hopes that other young people will follow Arruda’s example. “We were very impressed with the achievements of this young man in such a short time. I hope they take it as an example to follow, especially those who think it is not worth fighting, “he said. Arruda’s family is from the Azores, on the island of São Miguel, and the young lawyer grew up near downtown Toronto. After completing his studies, Arruda decided to innovate and created ROSS Intelligence, an artificial intelligence company. Or rather, he was able to teach a computer to think like a lawyer.

Published on 7 August, 2018