Alexandre Gaudêncio worried about “undocumented migrants”

The Mayor of Ribeira Grande, Alexandre Gaudêncio, expressed “concern that the new generations are emigrating to Canada without documentation”, revealing the autarchy’s openness to “help these people.”

Alexandre Gaudêncio, who spoke during the 15th Ribeiragrandense’s Meeting, in Bramtpon, (Canada), where he established “several contacts” for the purpose of putting this topic under discussion, stated that “we met with several businessmen and union representatives to see what can be done in the sense of fighting the illegal emigration”, explaining that “they are young people who emigrate in search of better living conditions but without documentation. It is a reality that is happening nowadays and to which we can not remain indifferent”, said quoted in a note of the municipality.

Açoriano Oriental Newspaper, October 22nd, 2018


Published on 6 November, 2018