140 years of Azoreans in Hawaii

Nelson Ponta-Garça presented in Hawaii, in the company of the Regional Director of the Communities, Paulo Teves, his documentary about the Portuguese in Hawaii since 1878, during the trip of the ship SS Priscilla.

The Portuguese presence, mostly Azorean and Madeiran, is expected to be around 10% of Portuguese descendants, according to Nelson Ponta-Garça.

The Azoreans and Madeirans who arrived between 1878 and 1913, while Hawaii was an independent Kingdom, went to work mostly on the cultivation of sugar cane.

Even today, the biggest mark that still remains of this island emigration is the Ukulele, a traditional Hawaiian instrument created from the Madeira Bracken, but also the malassadas, which are still sweet in the Pacific islands.
Congratulations on the excellent work of Nelson Ponta-Garça and always have the strength to continue.


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Published on 2 October, 2018