The Azorean, Márcia Sousa leaves the duties of Vice-Consul in Providence

(PROVIDENCE, USA) – The reception in honor of Márcia Sousa, who resigned as Vice-Consul of Portugal in Providence, was most successful. More than 400 people surprised the honoree, gathered last Friday in the hall of the Lusitana Youth Club in Cumberland. (…) Speeches of homage “The presence of the consular entities of this region, of […]

Published on 24 April, 2018

Vasco Cordeiro highlights the “strength” of the Azoreans who left for Santa Catarina 270 years ago

On April 21st, the President of the Regional Government of the Azores stated that it is an “overwhelming feeling” to think that it has been 270-years since the first Azorean emigration to Santa Catarina, which ” he says much from the strength and temperance “of the Azoreans who left for this Brazilian state. “This is […]

Published on 23 April, 2018

Portuguese teachers in Canada have created an association to support the teaching of the Portuguese language

Portuguese teachers in Canada have set up an association that aims to support teachers in “developing and researching the Portuguese language,” The association “aims to support Portuguese programs, the development and professional training of teachers and research into the teaching and learning of Portuguese and Portuguese-speaking cultures,” said Anabela Rato, president of the Canadian Association […]

Published on 18 April, 2018

Signature of protocol of support and collaboration with the Municipality of Ribeira Grande

The Association of Azorean Emigrants and the Municipality of Ribeira Grande, signed this week a protocol of support and collaboration. This support follows on from the close cooperation already existing between these two entities and intensifies the objectives of this association.

Published on 17 April, 2018

Undocumented Azorean emigrants in Canada continue to receive letters of deportation

There are a number of undocumented emigrants in Canada, including Azoreans, who are receiving letters to return to their country of origin, despite pressure from various political and social forces for the Trudeau government to change the law. Manuel Alexandre, Chairman of the Committee of Undocumented Workers of Toronto, told Milénio Stadium, a daily newspaper […]

Published on 13 April, 2018

Malassada Day in Hawaii

The biggest surprise of any Portuguese who visits the islands of Hawaii is the eating habits, the popularity of the Portuguese kale soup, the Portuguese sweet bread, the Portuguese sausage and other familiar tastes. The classic Hawaiian breakfast is boiled rice, two starlit eggs and fried sausage slices. This “matabicho” can be enjoyed in Hawaiian […]

Published on 12 April, 2018

Proposal for a US law to facilitate Portuguese investments

Democrat Congressman David Cicilline of Rhode Island (former mayor of Providence) presented to the US Congress a proposed law adding Portugal to the list of countries eligible for E-1 and E-2 investor visas and making it Portuguese citizens for such visas. According to the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) website, the nonimmigrant E-1 classification […]

Published on 9 April, 2018

First ranch of pilgrims takes off in the street in Sainte-Thérèse, near Montreal

On March 30th, Good Friday, the 1st Rancho de Romeiros de Ste-Thérèse ended up on the streets With only 17 elements (14 + 3, these formed by the Father, Son and Holy Spirit), the ranch directed by Master John Vital took a journey of about three hours, which led him to cross Sainte-Thérèse from one […]

Published on 9 April, 2018


The archipelago of Madeira, a unique harbour, of arrivals and departures in the Atlantic Ocean, has been, throughout Portuguese history, one of the national territories most strongly marked by the phenomenon of emigration. Impelled by the design of a better life, coined to the needs of labor by the foreign market, the Madeirans are scattered […]

Published on 5 April, 2018

Renata Brum honored by the Federation of Portuguese-Canadian Businesspeople and Professionals

Renata Brum honored by the Federation of Portuguese-Canadian Businesspeople and Professionals Renata Brum was born in Rabo de Peixe, and became a Judge in Canada “I came to Canada at the age of four … and my studies gave me a successful career” She is 50 years old and is one of the most well-known […]

Published on 26 March, 2018

The Azores Region will be present at the annual conference of the Luso American Education Foundation, California

The Regional Director of Communities travels to the US state of California today to participate in the 42nd Annual Conference of the Luso-American Education Foundation – LAEF. Paulo Teves will meet with Portuguese students from various secondary schools in Fresno, California State University, where he will address the importance of learning the Portuguese language and […]

Published on 15 March, 2018

Azorean pilgrimages in the USA

A shawl over his shoulders, a handkerchief around his neck, a tendril behind his back, a third, and a staff in his hand. It is the dress of the pilgrim. That penitent who walks the paths and paths of the island of São Miguel. They are grouped in ranches, which during one of the weeks […]

Published on 12 March, 2018