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Published on 14 August, 2019


Portuguese and Portuguese descendants are “fundamental” in the activity of the largest commercial fishing port in the United States of America, New Bedford Mayor Jonathan Mitchell said in an interview with Lusa. With more than 6,800 direct workers and more than 40,000 workers in derivative businesses, the economic activities related to the port of New […]

Published on 8 August, 2019

Creation of the Azorean Diaspora Council

The Regional Secretary for External Relations of the Government of the Azores considers that the Council of the Azorean Diaspora opens a “new time in the affirmation” of the region, regarding the publication, this Monday, in Diário da República of its creation. For Rui Bettencourt, quoted in a press release from the Azorean executive, “all […]

Published on 7 August, 2019

Ponta Delgada Firefighters – 140 years

It is perhaps the social institution that best combines antiquity with utility and yet most deserves and deserves public support and civic involvement, to the exact extent of its multiplicity of benefits and, above all, of its universality of beneficiaries. More than congratulations for the celebrated years, we say thank you for your service. And […]

Published on 6 August, 2019

#FindYourAzores Tea – A unique book

Today we show a rich heritage of the island of São, Chá, the only place in Europe where it is grown. We also anouced Mário Moura’s book about this unique drink with all its history and curiosities.   In 1878, two Chinese masters, Lau-a-Pen and Lau-a-Teng, came to St. Michael to teach tea-making technology … […]

Published on 30 July, 2019

Ponta Delgada Book Party kicks off with new books released this year

Ponta Delgada Book Party kicks off with new books released this year The III Book Festival of the Azores opens tomorrow, July 26, at 18h00, in a tent installed on the promenade in front of Portas da Cidade, with a session dedicated to the new books launched this year in Ponta Delgada. The Book Festival […]

Published on 29 July, 2019

First North Atlantic Air Crossing

The First North Atlantic Air Crossing was made by the four-engined seaplane NC-4 under the name of “Liberty” from the U.S. Navy, which was part of a three-seater squadron, the NC1 and NC3, equipped with radio equipment. The flight plan prepared by pilot John Towers was supported by 21 destroyer beacons from Cape Race (Newfoundland, […]

Published on 26 July, 2019

Don’t Miss the Launch of the Book Launch “It’s Things: The Life of João Pacheco Pimentel” on 29 July 18h30 in Ponta Delgada

Don’t Miss the Launch of the Book Launch “It’s Things: The Life of João Pacheco Pimentel” on 29 July 18h30 in Ponta Delgada This book was born from the will of Luís Venâncio Resendes Silva to honor João Pacheco Pimentel and the values ​​he represents. The content is the result of almost two decades of […]

Published on 25 July, 2019

A great book about Furnas in Azores

Tomorrow is the presentation of a book about the beautiful Furnas of the Azores. To those who have the opportunity, tomorrow at the Ponta Delgada Public Library is the launch of the book “Families of Furnas Valley”. If you want to buy the book, send us a message.

Published on 24 July, 2019

Azores are betting in Canadian Tourism

The Government of the Azores, through the Regional Secretariat of Energy, Environment and Tourism, announced this Monday the opening of a public competition for tourism promotion of the Azores destination in the Canadian market. The Canadian market has shown “very positive growth trends in the Azores” and is identified in the Azores Tourism Strategic and […]

Published on 23 July, 2019

Till one day André Bradford

Socialist MEP Andre Bradford, who suffered an episode of syncope and cardiorespiratory arrest ten days ago, confirmed to the DN socialist source the news advanced by the Eastern Azorean. André Bradford, 48, a native of Ponta Delgada, married and the father of two young children, served as the leader of the PS parliamentary group in […]

Published on 20 July, 2019

Justin Trudeau and Portugal

We recognize that the immigration wave of Portuguese who first arrived here in the 1960s and 1970s built this city (Toronto) and this country, “Justin Trudeau said in a Sunday interview on multicultural Canadian channel Omni Television. “The contributions of the Portuguese community have been enormous, ranging from small businesses, teachers, academics, to leaders in […]

Published on 18 July, 2019