A Emigração na Ilha Graciosa


Graciosa is one of the nine islands of the Azores, reaching the 28º05 ‘west of Greenwich and 39º05’ north of the Equator, and the northernmost island of the central group of the archipelago. It is the second island with a lower surface of the Azores, with about 62 km2 (only the front of the Island of Corvo). However, in terms of population occupied in 2001 the penultimate position with 4780 inhabitants (in front of the islands of the Western Group – Flores and Corvo). Graciosa presents with just one municipality – Santa Cruz Graciosa – consists of four parishes: Guadalupe, Luz, São Mateus and Santa Cruz.

The major reason that led us to produce this article was the fact that any population of this island not well known nationally. So this is a way of trying to disseminate, namely the population is immigrant. Furthermore, it is a very understudied population, so that this research has roots something original in relation to the study carried out under this theme.