Land of Adoption

We are Azoreans, yes, but we are also, related to the land of adoption. And this gives us a sensitivity, neither better nor worse, but different, that we want to share with our Homeland.


For the Emigrant, for our Emigration: MAKE A PARTNER AND HELP US HELP!     We do not have quotas obligation, donations are accepted … Check our page and register online. We want to be a bridge, a facilitator, between the Diaspora and the motherland.


This Association is an independent body made up of citizens of this land, engaged voluntarily to serve it.


AEA – The Association of Azorean Emigrants, pretends to be a bridge, a facilitator between the Diaspora and the homeland. Thus it will be a sort of House of the Azores in the Azores and with the Azores Houses in the Diaspora, to establish a privileged relationship and collaboration.

Promote pluralism

For the achievement of its objectives the Association aims to be a facilitator with the responsible institutions, promoting pluralism within the association as well as tolerance and respect for differences, among others.

Element of meeting

We want to be an element of meeting between all the Azorean returnees, in fellowship, and in finding solutions to bureaucratic issues.


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Emigration to Canada

Canada is still one of the few countries to accept immigrants from all over the world. In the next 3 years, they will accept more than 1 million people. But we warn you to be vigilant and to stop being influenced by illegal and corrupt companies that take advantage of the needs of some to […]

Published on 19 January, 2019

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Operators and Politicians protest with SATA

The uncertainty so far over the continued operation of Azores Airlines between the American city of Providence and Ponta Delgada is generating a broad protest movement among operators, businessmen and politicians of the Portuguese-American community, fearing that the remove this route from your calendar this year. The influential Luso-American newspaper, Portuguese Times, New Bedford writes, […]

Published on 17 January, 2019

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Google Arts & Culture and the Portuguese Ministry of Culture.

The project ‘Portugal: Arte e Património’ was launched, a partnership between Google Arts & Culture and the Portuguese Ministry of Culture. From now on, the collections of the museums, palaces and national monuments covered by the DGPC, as well as exhibitions and virtual visits are available on the Internet. An idea that the Azores may […]

Published on 17 January, 2019

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80 years from the birth of Santana Airport

In this year 2019, the Association of Azorean Emigrants will celebrate the 80th anniversary of the birth of the first Military Airfield on the island of São Miguel, Santana – Rabo de Peixe. Although it started as an airstrip in support of the Allies in World War II, it would be better known in the […]

Published on 14 January, 2019

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PALCUS has launched a national campaign to encourage the participation of Portuguese-Americans in the 2020 U.S. Census under the tagline Make Portuguese Count™. PALCUS has been working with U.S. Census Bureau to establish the first national Complete Count Committee in the history of the bureau. This campaign has the support of the U.S. Census Bureau […]

Published on 3 January, 2019

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Applications for the Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellowship 2019

Young people between the ages of 16 and 18 can apply for a Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellowship 2019, which will give them the opportunity to spend four weeks in an exchange program in the United States, focusing on global issues affecting young Americans and Europeans. Applications are open until February 8th. More information: USA […]

Published on 31 December, 2018

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Distinctions 2018 – Businessman Luso-descendant Michael Benevides – Portugalia Marketplace

By António Pedro Costa Throughout this year of 2018, the Correio dos Açores weekly published a section called “Conversations on Sunday”, in which it highlighted a figure of our society, in order to try to emphasize some important areas of our daily life, culture, sports, leisure and economy, showing many successes of Azoreans, personalities residing […]

Published on 30 December, 2018

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Outdoor Museum in Toronto is a tribute to the Portuguese

One of the central areas of Toronto, known as ‘Little Portugal’, is being transformed into an open-air museum through urban graffiti art, in tribute to the contribution of the Portuguese community. The Dundas West Open-Air Museum is due to open in March 2019 and will be endowed with an initial 20-graffitis designed by South American […]

Published on 29 December, 2018

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