Land of Adoption

We are Azoreans, yes, but we are also, related to the land of adoption. And this gives us a sensitivity, neither better nor worse, but different, that we want to share with our Homeland.


For the Emigrant, for our Emigration: MAKE A PARTNER AND HELP US HELP!     We do not have quotas obligation, donations are accepted … Check our page and register online. We want to be a bridge, a facilitator, between the Diaspora and the motherland.


This Association is an independent body made up of citizens of this land, engaged voluntarily to serve it.


AEA – The Association of Azorean Emigrants, pretends to be a bridge, a facilitator between the Diaspora and the homeland. Thus it will be a sort of House of the Azores in the Azores and with the Azores Houses in the Diaspora, to establish a privileged relationship and collaboration.

Promote pluralism

For the achievement of its objectives the Association aims to be a facilitator with the responsible institutions, promoting pluralism within the association as well as tolerance and respect for differences, among others.

Element of meeting

We want to be an element of meeting between all the Azorean returnees, in fellowship, and in finding solutions to bureaucratic issues.


Latest News

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Emigrant Square

Thank you RTP-Açores and the programa Açores-Hoje   "Praça do Emigrante" – Ribeira Grande A Praça do Emigrante, na Ribeira Grande, está a terminar o processo de construção do monumento “Praça Saudades da Terra”.Associação Dos Emigrantes AçorianosCâmara Municipal Ribeira Grande Publicado por Açores Hoje em Terça-feira, 26 de maio de 2020  

Published on 26 May, 2020

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Nordes, uma Vila desde 1514

The Vila de Nordeste owes its name to its location on the island of São Miguel and was elevated to Vila in 1514 by D. Manuel. It is the least populous municipality on the island and has most of its territory surrounded by forests, hills, mountains and varied nature. It has 9 parishes. The main […]

Published on 22 May, 2020

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Thank you Portuguese Kids

Today we show you some more pictures of the Square for all of us. We appreciate the contribution of PORTUGUESE KIDS in the purchase of a plaque. We also show the first of several flags from the countries of our Diaspora – the first to be completed was that of Canada. Carlos Meneses’ art at […]

Published on 20 May, 2020

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EMIGRANT SQUARE – Thank you Rosa Costa Family

Our Square is getting closer and closer to being completed. Today we thank Rosa Costa’s family for contributing a plaque in the square. Welcome to all who have collaborated. Have you ever offered one to your family?  

Published on 12 May, 2020

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Madalena, Pico Island

The settlement of the island of Pico occurred much later than most islands, partly due to greater interest shown in the other islands of the Central Group. For a time, only small herds, deposited by property-owners from Faial and Terceira, along with their caretakers (some of whom were slaves), were the only inhabitants of the […]

Published on 11 May, 2020

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#FindYourAzores Square – Thank you CAIXA AGRÍCOLA

In a week in which the Azores returned to some normality and we only registered one COVID-19 case, hope for better days, begins to be a reality. Today we thank Caixa Agrícola for purchasing a plaque for our Praça do Emigrante. Thank you very much for your support! You can also contribute!

Published on 9 May, 2020

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The Emigrant’s Square keeps going

The Emigrant’s Square of all of us is already composing itself. This week we put on the main play “Saudades da Terra” by Luís Silva – it will be something memorable for the Azores and for all Azoreans around the world. All those who wish to acquire their plaque in the square, as several people, […]

Published on 17 April, 2020

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Thank you for the Easter you give us

This Easter, we celebrate life and the Association of Azorean Emigrants produced this video in praise of those who are working for us to be at home. A Holy Easter to everyone in great health, peace and joy  

Published on 11 April, 2020

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